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Use the most advanced VR production technology to carry out space promotion on the spot
Matterport VR production and development professional team
State-of-the-art VR shooting and VR production services for an immersive experience



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Solutions tailored for you
We provide digital expansion and convenient online management for the needs of different industries to help companies expand their markets.


VR Virtual Store


360 image recording management


Indoor 360º Diorama


VR virtual tour



Watch real venues online


360º Diorama


Accurate measurement of any length in space


Automatic generation of space floor plans

A New Way to Shop in Retail VR Immersive and Extremely Realistic Shopping Experience

Improve your customer experience - online and in-store
Help simplify store management and create a consistent online and in-store shopping experience for customers.
Provide an accurate 3D visual representation of your store and the data behind site management. Accurate measurements throughout the store, aisle dimensions and types of equipment on site are important details for each location.  

Plan merchandise, seasonality and promotions. Instructions to employees can be shared in an easy-to-understand visual format that is better than lengthy emails and spreadsheets.

75% of shoppers are more interested in shopping in 3D
While most shoppers shop online for safety reasons, 70% report missing out on the physical experience of walking around the store and browsing product displays.  
Our recent survey showed that 73% of respondents would prefer to shop in a 3D virtual store - but only two-thirds do so. Great potential awaits.

Matterport 3D virtual tour turns your space into a 360º 3D stereoscopic simulation

Transform space into a 360º 3D stereoscopic simulation

Matterport 3D virtual tours give your customers a whole new browsing experience. Through unique technology, Matterport can transform your space into a 360º 3D stereoscopic model. In addition, Matterport supports 4K high-definition resolution, with various unique tools such as scales and labeling functions, making your VR virtual tour more attractive.

Matterport supports various devices such as smartphones, tablets and desktop computers, as well as VR glasses to provide your customers with a truly immersive browsing experience.

Matterport is a 3D image platform that provides three different browsing modes, namely walk-through mode, dollhouse view, and floor plan mode. Matterport's 3D image technology is outstanding, and the dollhouse view can be regarded as unique among VR platforms, which is especially suitable for displaying real estate, interior design, exhibition and other spaces.


Gyms and fitness studios

Job type: 24-hour gym
Area: 2640 sqm
Facilities: training area, studio for classes, women-only area and free daycare centre.

Gyms and fitness studios

Job type: 24-hour gym
Area: 1280 sqm
Facilities: Clothing rental service, private changing rooms, powder room including showers.


Job Type: Restaurant
Area: 4880 sqm
Facilities: Private room


Job Type: Restaurant
Area: 2480 sqm
Facilities: Private room

Real estate (sale, lease, renovation, design)

Job Type: Design
Area: 1280 sqm
Facility: Private Real Estate

Real estate (sale, lease, renovation, design)

Job Type: Design
Area: 2680 sqm
Business Type: Real Estate and Apartments

Retail store (virtual store)

Job Type: Retail Store (Virtual Store)
Area: 17200 square meters
Business Type: Retail Store (Virtual Store)

Cultural and Art Facilities・Sightseeing Facilities

Job Type: Zenkoji Temple
Business Type: Cultural and Art Facilities

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1-Retail is a comprehensive digital marketing company that provides optimized digital marketing solutions for companies in various industries.
Through a variety of marketing technologies VR Retail digital market big data and industry user behavior, to bring customers new era media promotion and data analysis to assist precise promotion, the most efficient digital marketing technology. Help you develop a huge international market.

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